Wholesale for syrian mother of pearl furniture 

mother of pearl dresser

We are equipped and fully stocked to sell full tractor trailer loads (container loads) of any size. Due to the huge variety of furnishings we have in stock, you can drop your container or truck off and leave with a full load of quality furniture and semi antiques, lamps, doors or even tea glasses for resale. We currently have 2 large facilties packed with quality products. 

Wholesale & container orders

    • Syrian MOP Imports corporation founded  in early 70s and today is one of the leading syrian mother of pearl furniture distributors worldwide ,selling wholesale to the Trade and discount to the public

    • Our products are unique, most of the pieces are designed by Syrian MOP Imports, we do sale quality, we do not import what is found in the market, our team works hard to get you the best product at a reasonable price.

    • Whether you are already in business or just opening a retail store, Syrian MOP Imports works it out professionally, we can even help you choose the right product for your business. Our business is based on our returned customers.

    • We are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. We understand that purchasing furniture online can seem a bit risky. Feel free to contact us anytime, and as often as you'd like to ensure that you feel 100% comfortable with your purchase. We at Syrian MOP Furniture Imports store appreciate your trust, and look forward to making your experience with us not only worthwhile, but safe and pleasant as well.

Container Sales to the US and other countries

    • Syrian MOP Imports ships worldwide. We are direct importers/manufacturers of high end syrian mother of pearl furniture and semi antiques meaning we are directly involved in every aspect of the production of the furniture we import and have direct control over the quality.

    • We do wholesale furniture such as armoires, tables, cabinets, mirrors...

    • Our wholesale prices depend on the nature of the product and on the budget ( special handmade furniture takes most of the times 2 to 3 months...)

    • Syrian MOP Imports will help you go through your order, whether is it a small order, a 20 foot or hight cube container 

    • Huge discount on all our selection to interior designers
    • Our wholesale container prices will save you thousands of dollars.

    • https://www.justmorocco.com

- 20-foot long container is 24,000 kilograms (52,900 lbs.)

- 40-foot container is 30,480 kilograms (67,200 lbs.)

- 40 foot hicube 76. 172 lbs

For further informations about wholesale and special orders, please call us to discuss all details.