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We will be updating our collection of mother of pearl inlay syrian furniture, mother of pearl dresser with some amazing pieces such as tables & chairs. We have partners all over the world selling our collection of mother of pearl furniture & home decor on 1stdibs, pintrest, etsy, ebay....if you are interested in selling our furniture please contact us to discuss it. Please check out our selection. Special order of mother of pearl large mirrors, chest of drawers, wedding chests, tables is available at our workshop 

mother of pearl dresser

Exquisite antique five-drawer dresser with Mother-of-Pearl inlay handmade in Syria. Mother of pearl home decor furniture has a white mother-of-pearl front, brown sides with patterned mother-of-pearl inlay in most pieces

Syrian mother of pearl furniture

Mother of pearl furniture & home decor pieces are handmade & carved into mother of pearl dresser, mirror, chest of drawer, wedding chest, tables & chairs. This elegant and sophisticated touch will work with any piece you have chosen. Easy to care for! Enjoy these gorgeous mother of pearl inlay shell furniture piece in your living room, bedroom. Bring the elegance and fine beauty of one of natures most spectacular gifts into your daily life. Our mother of pearl furniture shell is a perfect solution for a sturdy, natural, jaw dropping effect without going over the top. Let mother nature dazzle you. Images shown are actual photographs of the mother of pearl inlay furniture

Mother of pearl furniture & home decor

Exquisite syrian mother of pearl dresser

Custom Furniture | Handmade and Custom Built

We have a great team of artisans working everyday to make the most beautiful mother of pearl furniture & home decor incase you can't find the mother of pearl piece you are looking for. From mother of pearl dresser to extra large exquisite mirrors. We do ship worldwide, custom order may take up to 2 months to make

Special order

Looking for something special for your special home. A mother of pearl dresser, large mirror, or even an exquisite mother of pearl bed...? no worries you come to the right business

Special order

Interior designer discount

We are pleased to offer interior designers and architects an exclusive savings on full-price items at Discount on Special order of some of our pieces may not apply

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